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About Us

Mission Statement

Lafayette Park Primary Center is a community dedicated to providing our children with innovative educational opportunities, which develop intellectual habits and cultivate character traits that excite, inspire and enable all students to thrive in academic and social success as lifelong learners.

Our Vision

Lafayette Park Primary Center is a community of thinkers and learners working together to create a supportive environment with high expectations for all children. As lifelong learners, we work together to provide each student with diverse and creative experiences that will develop their confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

  • We believe that students learn best in a cooperative, harmonious, and safe environment.
  • We believe that all children have integrity, intelligence, potential, unique abilities and a desire to learn.
  • We believe all students can succeed academically when given the opportunity to learn through active participation and that college begins in kindergarten.
  • We believe that all staff members, students, parents are partners in education.
  • We believe that our school will foster self-esteem, hard work, dedication, success, and a desire to be life long learner

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Please visit www.greatschools.net to find out what our parents and staff have to say about our school.  Feel free to post your own comments and read comments from others.

School Entrance
TK students engaged in Counting Collections.
Kids playing in the yard